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Hi, I’m Peter

Tech Consultant for Solopreneurs &
Filmmaker | Coach | TEDx speaker


I’m a neurodivergent, multipotentialite solo-preneur
and I’m excited about cross-pollinating the fields I’m involved in.

Apart from that?
I’m a dad of 2, an ambivert and I play and DM D&D games 😄

Tech Consulting
for Solo-preneurs

I help solopreneurs (like coaches, trainers, therapists, artists etc.) solve their tech-related challenges and frustrations.

I help them pick, set up, maintain and problem-solve the tech systems they need for running their businesses online.

Lately I also started helping my clients with their productivity habits,
using coaching tools.

Film Industry

Discover my career in film, which includes the 2021 movie “Dune”
and more.

Or check out my project spreading knowledge in film-industry about
soft-skills like personal career skills, teamwork and leadership. 

Passion projects

I’ve been creating written and video content for my various non-business projects since my childhood.

In 2022 these include a podcast with my friends on the topic of running a solopreneur business, and an upcoming D&D actual-play stream. Both in Hungarian. (available soon)

“Aren’t you overhwelmed?”

– Most days
you can find me helping solo-preneurs creating and running the tech side of their businesses.

– Some other days
you can find me working on film-sets around the camera.

– And on different days
helping filmmakers build soft-skills for their career and teamwork.

– Ooor…
you can find me running my own creative projects.

But I’m not at all overwhelmed – I’m a multipotentialite.

A Multi-What?

A  multipotentialite! Yes that’s a thing. 😄

People who feel fueled by running multiple projects and being present in multiple fields.

I tried working in only one of these fields but it just did not feel like being myself.
So I embraced this trait instead.

Check out my
TEDx Talk
on teamwork

Other Project Highlights

Launching a D&D Stream


What happens when filmmakers start playing Dungeons & Dragons? Oh yes they will shoot it and stream it 😄 – in Hungarian

Watch on YouTube
Visit the Website


Since 2020

With 2 friends we started a podcast on the challenges of solopreneurship
– in Hungarian


Listen on Spotify
Visit the Website

Content Management


I’m managing the content, and online media production and presence for GroupDynamics, an organizational development company working with some of the largest international companies present in Hungary

Visit website

Founding a Toastmasters Club


I took on the challenge to build a new public-speaking club that meets on weekends.

Although I can no longer be active in the club, the club is still up and running in 2022 🥳

View Details

Film Life Lab

rebooted in 2022

This is a research project on the challenges of a life and career in film industry. Freelancing, leadership, communication, learning, and other soft-skills are mentioned here for the folks working on motion pictures.

View Details

Coaching Toolset


I added the skills of coaching to my toolset via graduating from a US coach training school accredited by the International Coach Federation

Let’s talk!

Conversations bring our businesses and lives forward. I’d love to discuss any of these topics with you 😉

solo-preneurship | soft skills, teamwork and leadership in film industry | tech challenges | authentic marketing | healthy productivity | visual language | being a multipotentialite |
a portfolio career
| being an ambivert | coaching | enneagram | podcasting | filmmaking | content creation | business with kids in the next room | vegetarian lifestyle | simplicity in business | sustainable lifestyle | Dungeons & Dragons | etc.


I live in Budapest Hungary, and I spend my afternoons on video calls with clients from the USA, Canada, etc.

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