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Tech Consulting
for solo-preneurs

Info about my
Career in Film Industry

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About Me

Coach, Filmmaker,
Tech Consultant,
TEDx Speaker

I coach, I work on film sets, I provide technical services and tutoring for solopreneurs, and I create a lot of content.

This seems like a lot, but I’m not a generalist. I’d rather call myself a multi- and cross-field specialist 🙂
It looks something like this:

I help solopreneurs in their tech challenges – I love working with those who feel like complete beginners and find most courses or tutors too fast, or impatient for them.
(covering websites, videos, etc.)
see details and offers here:

I also help people via coaching. I love helping people in the fields of career, work-family balance, leadership, and the most I love helping those who suddenly fell into a managing role become caring and efficient bosses.

Oh, and I am in charge of sharp focus in moviemaking jobs.
(Yes… there is a person even for that in a film crew 😀

If you are interested in my film career, (like what did I do in the latest Dune movie? 🙂 ) please see my IMDb page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5671611

And you can see the content I have created regarding softskills in filmindustry over here:

All this with 20 years of experience in tech stuff that solopreneurs need, and 12+ years of experience in filmmaking.
Spent years on and off leadership/managing roles in film industry, curiously examining both sides of the equation, and gave a TEDx talk on the topic.
I’m also a trained coach, who loves keeping himself to the high standards of the International Coach Federation.

Check out my TEDx Talk on teamwork

with English Subtitles


Site updates coming soon.

Finally I arrived at the decision to bring all my different fields under one hood. And this page will be that. But it takes time.

Meanwile check out my 100+ English and Hungarian articles on various topics like soft-skills, leadership, and running sideprojects.