For a successful life and career in any industry, we need soft-skills like leadership, ability to learn and develop, teamwork, communication, self-awareness, etc. I created

Along with these skills it is essential to have very clear goals, a plan to get there, and we need to take those actual steps to get there.

For these, we frequently lack the energy, motivation, perspective, focus, commitment, clarity and courage.

In my coaching practice I help young filmmakers in these latter parts. I help them conquer this weird way of life in film industry. To excel at their recent position, and to advance their career while also having a healthy off-work life, instead of burning out, getting stuck or leaving the industry or their loved-ones for good.

Coaching helps you to figure out where you want to go and then helps you to actually get there. It can create powerful change because it is based on psychology and neuroscience principles.

When you have challenges you can’t seem to tackle, and you feel ready to change that, let’s talk.

you can reach me at this e-mail address: peter at

In all cases, before you commit your time and money, we meet (virtually/personally), talk, I answer all your questions, and we do actual coaching.
In that one sitting we see, if we can clarify your goals, dig up the blocks, and get you on your way towards your dreams.
If after this we both think we would love to work some more together, we will discuss the details then.


Questions you might have and some common misbeliefs

Coaching doesn’t try to fix you. You are whole. Coaching gives you new perspectives, digs up your powers, and unleashes your potential to get you where you want to be.

“I’m already busy coaching will take more of my time”
coaching will actually help you free up more time than it was possible for you before.

“Everyone will know I’m being coached.”
The International Coach Federation‘s standards are very high, and strict confidentiality is a core element of it. I coach by these standards.

Coaching differs from therapy, consulting or mentoring.
deals with your past. It’s purpose is to heal.
In consulting and mentoring you are paired up with someone more experienced than you in that particular field. They share with you their experience. Usually it is employed to solve certain specific problems.
In coaching,  the present, the future and you are in center.  Fixing the problems is important but will get you only to a neutral healthy state from negative. To get from zero to positive, to happiness and to your goals there is coaching.
Coaching will take you from where you are to where you want to go, and creates deep, lasting positive change in your life and career.