I am a cinematographer on smaller projects and I have a cameraman BA degree. On large budget features and tv shows, I work as a camera trainee and lately rather as a 2nd AC. (nbc, sky, universal) I also work for Arri Rental as a camera prep technician on a freelance basis. We can call all these as: I am starting out in the camera department :)

I am looking forward to shooting more and more narrative shorts and then eventually features as an operator and DoP. You can approach me with any projects like these.

On the side, I have an other passion. I started researching topics in film industry that are rarely mentioned.

We’ve got tons of resources on the artistic and technical side of film making, but zero amount on teamwork, leadership, career, communication, freelancing, etc.

I dive into these topics at filmlifelab.com

To support my research and to be able to help more and more film-people on these subjects, I started practicing public speaking at Toastmasters and also learned coaching from an ICF accredited institute in the US.